Workstation Laptop for MArch ?


Hello everyone,

I am starting school this coming September. I don't have architecture background, but I am aware that I will need a solid laptop!

Currently, I am using Macbook pro 15 retina from 2013, and I may need to upgrade my laptop for the program. The school recommended Dell Precision 5520 with upgraded processor, RAM, and SSD - which will cost over $4000 CAD.  

I want a laptop that is cost efficient, but still has a strong performance for the program. 

I have a couple of laptops in mind,

1) Lenovo Yoga 710 - about CAD 1900 (this laptop met the requirements, but not sure what's the difference among this and the other two below)

2) Lenovo Thinkpad P50 (with RAM & SSD upgrade) - about CAD 3000

3) Dell Precision 7710 - about CAD 3000

Preferably I want to spend around $3000 CAD. Please let me know if there is any other laptop. I will happily take any recommendation! :)


Apr 21, 17 11:38 am
Non Sequitur

3k for a laptop should be more than plenty. Probably too much. $4k is ridiculous.

Consider spending on a real tower pc ($2k) that will outlast and outperform the specs in your examples above and keep the Mac Pro for day to day tasks.

Apr 21, 17 5:37 pm

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