Help finding a technical term

Aug 20 '14 5 Last Comment
Aug 20, 14 9:12 pm

Hi Folks,

I'm hoping someone here can help me out. Quite a while back, there was a thread one here discussing movement, and someone posted about the perception that one gets when taking a long-distance train trip. It was specifically about the lack of acknowledgement one might get when stepping onto a tube (train), travelling a few hundred miles and then stepping off, giving a compacting idea to our notions of real distance in the world. (IE, that trip from NYC to Boston doesn't really feel all that far, even though it is).

They threw out a technical term that I found really interesting, but now slips my mind. Anyone have any clue what I'm talking about?

Cheers in advance.


Aug 20, 14 11:37 pm

Cognitive distance? 

Aug 21, 14 11:37 am

Much appreciated jla-x, that is exactly the term i was looking for

Aug 21, 14 11:45 am

And on a sidenote - does anyone here know of any architectural/design readings related to this?

Aug 21, 14 1:50 pm

cant recall specifically...but you may want to read  (Census, Map, Museum by Benedict Anderson)  its somewhat related to this idea of cognitive will have to draw the lines of connection though. 

Aug 21, 14 2:00 pm

The map part specifically.....

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