Learning Revit : Lynda vs. Digital Tutors vs. InfiniteSkills

Aug 11 '14 6 Last Comment
Aug 11, 14 6:12 pm

Which one is the best ? That'd be of great help.


Aug 11, 14 9:51 pm

I've used Lynda and digital tutors. Both are pretty much the same quality. They give you the basics, then it's on you to practice with your given software.

Quan Nyen Tran
Aug 12, 14 9:59 pm

just plug yourself in like in the Matrix.

Aug 12, 14 11:13 pm

I've had a lot of success with Lynda. Particularly for Revit they have an incredibly expansive set of tutorials, at quite a few skill levels. I also dabbled in Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Vray, all of which I found to be excellent. Establishing a fundamental understanding of how the software works will always improve your work, and thats what the Lynda tutorials do.

Aug 13, 14 9:06 am

I learned the basics by using the PDF download available on Autodesk's website.

Also is a great resource.

Aug 13, 14 10:10 am

I used infinite skills DVDs, then switched over to the online $25/month to access all videos, they are OK, but for super specific questions, I always google or youtube search for tutorials.

The online deal seems like the way to go, you can access all the videos for a couple of weeks then kill your subscription, way cheaper than buying hard copy DVDs. 

Radu AxinteRadu Axinte
Aug 14, 14 6:42 pm

Well they all present the same software, but from a personal point of view Infinite Skills offer a better learning platform. You get from time to time a nice tip about a way around stuff.

And if you want to know at the end how much you know about the software, there is a platform called Knowledge Smart. It is an interesting platform and some recruiting companies use it for testing your skills before sending out your portfolio, so it would be a good idea to have a go at it if you have the chance.



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