Paying for CEUs?

Aug 1 '14 4 Last Comment
Aug 1, 14 12:11 pm

Anyone work for/know of firms that will provide funding to pay for CEUs or professional development? I'm working on a project for a nonprofit and am interested to know if this is something that firms leave up to the individual (since so many CEUs are free through the AIA) or if there are any programs/funds in place. It doesn't seem to be something that is obviously visible through a preliminary search...


Aug 1, 14 12:29 pm

Our firm provides all employees an annual continuing ed. "allowance" to use as they see fit for job related education.

Non Sequitur
Aug 1, 14 1:33 pm

Our office covers continuing education unless it's a large conference... then it's first come first serve to prevent an exodus of the office's architects.

I could see a 200 person office not paying for hours though since it's unlikely that many will stay long enough for the office to recoup the costs.

Aug 1, 14 1:39 pm

Thank for the responses! Information from people at other firms would be most welcome.

Aug 1, 14 2:21 pm

i'm on my own for CEUs.  ron blank is good for quick easy and free CEUs.

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