Fundraising for Architecture student

Jul 15 '14 13 Last Comment
Jul 15, 14 12:53 pm

I am currently fundraising...I would be grateful if you can forward this page to all your friends. Thank you.


Non Sequitur
Jul 15, 14 1:04 pm

why would my friends support a random stranger's travels?

Jul 15, 14 3:18 pm

:DDDDDDDDD  *almost donated, then realized I got debts to pay from my own education*

Jul 15, 14 3:37 pm

ery-body got bills

Jul 15, 14 4:04 pm


vado retro
Jul 15, 14 6:06 pm

i am fundraising to replace my rug which was peed on.

Jul 15, 14 6:40 pm

I want to fund raise the hours it would take for me to setup a fundraising page for grad school.

Olaf Design Ninja_
Jul 15, 14 6:41 pm

Dude his name is leboswki too....shut up donni.

Jul 15, 14 8:08 pm


Jul 16, 14 10:59 am

Throw the ringer dude.

Jul 16, 14 3:11 pm

0 backers? i guess someone ain't going to grad school

Jul 16, 14 6:25 pm

This kid's work is garbage. Why would anyone fund this crap?

Jul 16, 14 6:56 pm

Where do I send the money...I can hardly get rid of all this money its just starting to become clutter...oh I'm broke.

Jul 16, 14 8:15 pm

Rem-my thoughts exactly.  a knight = a building???? medieval times?  yikes.  and 3 out of the 4 pics are devoted to it. Serious lack of judgment, should've shown more of the 1st project if they wanted a chance (albeit a small one), of getting any sort of money.

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