Accredited v/s Non Accredited Programs

Jul 5 '14 2 Last Comment
Jul 5, 14 10:42 am

I have finished my Bachelors Of Architecture from Mumbai,India ( 5 years B.Arch ). Now I am seeking for Graduate education in US.Should I go for a Accredited ot non-accredited program ? If I go with a non-accredited program how feasible is it to get my B.arch degree evaluated by EESA ?

Which Universities in US  Offer Accredited 2 years Masters program ?


Jul 10, 14 7:32 pm

Definitely go for accredited, there's no sense in spending time in a graduate program without getting accreditation. 

US has some very good grad programs, the best being Harvard GSD, Yale, Berkley. It depends on your finances. 

Jul 16, 14 5:49 pm

Non accredited is suicide! I went to a non accredited school and it took me 10 years to overcome the obstacles at NCARB and that was 30 years ago when they thankfully allowed me to use work experience to overcome the deficiency. Hell, today I would guess you probably could never get an NCARB Certificate going this route. If you plan on working in the USA a NCARB Certificate is essential.

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