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go do it
Jul 2, 14 7:16 pm

what are some of your favorite minimalist architects web sites? and even web sites that are of the minimalist species  


Jul 2, 14 8:43 pm

Interesting question. There aren't very many good architect website of the minimalist or any persuasion that I can think of.  Two of the few and far between ones that come to mind are Office Kersten Geers David van Severen:

And one my graphic designer friends Outpost LA designed for another architect:

go do it
Jul 2, 14 9:59 pm

places like this

and this

Jul 2, 14 11:17 pm

the old 2x4 and pawson sites were nice

long since gone, though

Jul 3, 14 12:52 pm

Architecten de Vylder Vink Taillieu have what could perhaps be called a "minimalist" website that is really good and that is as quirky and sophisticated as their work:

It would be WAY easier to contribute to a thread on bad architect websites as the vast majority of architecture websites are absolutely terrible. 

I've been looking and looking for good examples in preparation for having my own website redone. The pickings are slim. 

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