3D Printing

Jun 4 '14 6 Last Comment
Jun 4, 14 2:42 pm

Hi all! 

I am curious if architects would think that 3D printing their renderings from their portfolios would be a useful tool. 


Jun 4, 14 2:58 pm

huh? that's what they already do... 

Jun 4, 14 6:47 pm

welcome to 5 years ago... Whatever works to get your idea across. ;)

Jun 4, 14 6:49 pm

fuck yeah it is motherfucker. print me a cake.

Lee RobertLee Robert
Jun 5, 14 4:46 pm

3D printing has been around for a while now and hasn't really come through on any of the early hype. It's great for making expensive keychains though. 

Jun 5, 14 8:41 pm

Yea Lee

3D Printing is worthless.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jun 5, 14 8:47 pm

Yet another reason to require new members to make at least 10 posts before being able to post stupid questions.

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