Applying for Masters degree in Architecture without a Bachelor degree.

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Omar AbdelmaksoudOmar Abdelmaksoud
May 19, 14 9:53 am

Hello there everyone

I'm at my final year doing my A Levels and I'm quite confused whether to apply for a Bachelor Degree in Architecture or not as my ambition was to work in the Engineering field too.

I've searched a lot for universities that offers Architecture along with Civil Engineering so I'd be accredited as both, an engineer & an architect. Eventually my search didn't help & I decided to take the Engineering path. My question here is, can I apply for a Masters degree in Architecture after finishing my Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering in order to be accredited as an Architect by, lets say the RIBA or NAAB ??!!

I'd be really very grateful if you guys provided me with the universities that'd do that & I don't really mind where the location might be as long as it'd be a well ranked university with good reputation & educational standards & of course offers the Master degree holders the accreditation of architects.

Thank you very much in advance.


May 19, 14 10:25 am

Yes. M.arch I generally 3.5 years. Many Universities in the US and Canada have them. Additionally in the program I went to a lot of people had Civil undergrads.

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