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Living City - Colorful City

Living City - Colorful City is an urban plan proposal, as a part of H+ project, Samverkan Bredgatan in Helsingborg, Sweden. The historic grid of the southern part of the city center is extended as new, existing and planned landmark’s and volumes are implemented into the grid, creating openings within it, such as public space and public connections. Functions are strategically organized in order to create synergy effects within the areas where University meets office and Housing meets service. The proposal shows a clear hierarchy in public space, paths and functions relating to communications and target points. Four types of landscape give the area different characters creating variated identities. Urban jungle fill the campus garden, Low wetland enclose the old sugar mill, Sea landscape as a sequence of private and semi public spaces connect with Husarområdet and Oceanpiren. Finally the Canal landscape along Bredgatan is expanded into Holländaretorget and Furutorpsplatsen. Target groups in users have been in focus in creating these different kinds of spaces. Living City - Colorful City is a way to build with high density yet still create qualities for specific target groups, in private and public space by combining existing and new functions and program. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Helsingborg, SE


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