Nemetschek Allplan

Nemetschek Allplan

Munich, DE


Centre Pompidou, Metz, France

Art under a straw hat

A home for modern and contemporary art itself needs to meet high artistic standards. This is the case in the Centre Pompidou-Metz: The architects were inspired by the straw hats of Japanese rice farmers. However, the new gallery is also a milestone in engineering terms, and presented the structural engineers with challenges: First, it was necessary to combine the three materials metal, wood and concrete and take account of their interactions from a structural viewpoint. Second, the architectural concept with numerous overlaps of visually individual, but structurally interwoven construction elements proved highly complex. This complexity of penetrations and connection points, along with the high degree of reinforcement, meant 3D reinforcement design was necessary.

Centre Pompidou, Metz, France

The interactive functionalities of Allplan Engineering supported the CHP planners here: Depending on the requirements, the CAD designers were able to work in plan layouts, isometric views, views or sections when creating the spatial models. The system automatically transferred the reinforcement object changes to all plans and lists.

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Status: Built
Location: Metz, France


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