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Fuksas Jodidio Poster
Fuksas Jodidio Poster
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Polypod is recognized among the 2012 Graphis Poster Design Gold Medalists

30 January 2012— Polypod has received two Gold Medals from Graphis, the New York based graphic design publisher. The winning work will be published in the 2012 Graphis Poster Annual and the Graphis Logo Annual, featuring some of the most visually captivating posters and logos selected from thousands of entries submitted worldwide. According to the publisher, only the most impressive work is selected for inclusion in Graphis. Polypod’s poster winning entry is the only one from Lebanon and the Middle East to receive a medal. The prizes are considered of the highest recognitions for poster and logo design globally. Polypod’s poster winning entry is a poster announcing an architectural debate at the Lebanese American University, sponsored by BLC Bank and the logo is for a think tank in Dubai.


Several industries and countries are represented among the 2012 winners. Some of the world’s best known design companies such as Chermayeff & Giesmar, Siegel+Gale, Landor Associates and Pentagram competed, as did in-house teams, small agencies, and representatives of multinational corporations such as Apple.

Winning posters and logos are showcased for inspiration and public viewing at

About Graphis and the Graphis Annuals

Graphis, The International Journal of Visual Communication, was first published in 1944 by Walter Amstutz and Walter Herdeg in Zurich, Switzerland. Graphis presented the work of fine artists and illustrators, as well as highlighting the formative years of graphic design as we know it today. Graphis became one of the classiest publications available, and in the 1990s, the Graphis headquarters were relocated to New York City. The Annuals were redefined and numerous new books were added to the Graphis roster. In 2004, the magazine was discontinued and focus was then devoted to further improving the Graphis Annuals.

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Location: New York, NY, US

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