All the other overwhelming colors,
in company with the years, kept leaving me,
and now alone remains
the amorphous light, the inextricable shadow
and the gold of the beginning.

-Jorge Luis Borges, The Gold of the Tigers

Amongst the metered brick warehouses of Porto Madero, the Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Museum [BACAM] stands as a familiar stranger.  Massive and visually dominant from a distance, the filigreed brick scrim transitions to a perforated, light-filled curtain as visitors approach. 


An Eden carved from the wilderness lies sheltered inside the perforated mass, a light sculpted from within.  Punctures along the facade allow visitors to slip into the poche, where they remain until encountering the luminous courtyard.  Here, they begin a careful choreography between the shadows that separate the galleries.

Weaving amongst the art, two lightwells provide a constant transparency and bearing to visitors.  Overhead, long rows of louvers craft intricate tapestries of light.


When visitors reach the top level, their journey ends with a view to the sea.  

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


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