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Yale-New Haven Hospital - Park Street Laboratory

The Park Street building serves as a critical  laboratory extension to the Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut.  The project is situated between two ends of the Yale campus—Central Campus and the Medical Campus—and in turn helps bridge the link between these two halves.  Yale is currently divided by way of the Route 34 Corridor, an incomplete highway project which defaults at the Air Rights Parking Garage, located East of the city center.

This project maintains a major throughway to the hospital’s adjacent North Pavilion Cancer Center and also contains the linkage between the main loading area and the North Pavilion of the hospital.  Primary site access occurs through the Air Rights Garage (located to the East of the site), as well as via street access at the corner of Park Street and South Frontage Road.  Program uses include: four floors of clinical laboratory space, blood bank, pharmacy, primary loading bay, administrative offices, ground floor retail, and a multi-functional auditorium space.  This project will utilize state-of-the-art laboratory technology, and will function as a comfortable working environment which allows for future technology fit-outs as mechanization increases in future clinical labs.

Doctors and patients circulate to the Park Street building via a fourth floor skywalk from the adjacent North Pavilion Cancer Center, and directly to the building via Park Street and the Air Rights Parking Garage located to the East of the laboratory.  This variety of entry points provides an inherent geometry to the public atrium space, allowing users unlimited access through the facility with wheelchairs.  Laboratories are connected to the atrium by means of security-coded locks and laminated security glazing which allows for a visual transparency between laboratory employees and the general public.

Project design and administration while Project Manager at Behnisch Architekten, Los Angeles

Design Architect: Behnisch Architekten, Los Angeles

Executive Architect: Svigals+Partners

Image courtesy: Behnisch Architekten, Los Angeles

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Status: Built
Location: New Haven, CT, US

Park Street
Park Street

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