PURE Architecture

PURE Architecture

Shanghai, CN

Aerial view
Aerial view
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DAQIAO Garden Tea House

In Chinese culture, drinking tea has been a way for people not only to socialize each other, but more to practice their moral culture and grow their soul. It has been a symbol of eastern philosophy and life style, to go beyond the physical world and integrate with nature. Tea house, therefore, should become a paradise where human beings escape from the daily life, appreciate the beauty of nature and mediate the real meaning of “being”. This quiet water feature not only reflects the changing characters of nature but bring all these into the interior of the tea house through clear glass wall facing to the pond. The building volume gradually descends into the ground from the central tea station space, echoing building’s tight relationship with the earth. The undulate roof partially extends to the ground to create some courtyard, which also become vertical supports to form an integral surface building structure.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Jiangyin, CN


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