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Luzern Stadtarchive

The Luzern Stadtarchive is conceived as a marker in the landscape. In its organization and architectural expression the building is closely related to the site topography and adjacent mountains.  It is the first building one sees from the street upon reaching this plateau above the city of Luzern. Due to the complexity of the site access and orientation, the building addresses each elevation as a primary façade, with one large opening per elevation in the otherwise solid concrete body of the building. The East elevation is dominated by large panorama window the full width of the library volume. The South elevation is the result of a smaller volume, similarly expressed with a large horizontal window to daylight the administrative spaces. The West elevation frames the entry plaza and foyer. The North elevation is oriented around a large clerestory glass wall to daylight the interior of the reading room.The public enters the library via a covered roof and large foyer with adjacent services. The library is transparent in the direction of travel from the entrance, with a roof that slopes gently upwards toward a wide window overlooking Luzern that provides ample natural daylight to the space.

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Status: Built
Location: Luzern, Switzerland

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