Epiphyte-Lab LLC

Epiphyte-Lab LLC

Ithaca, NY



The M_House system is intended for the design and fabrication of ecologically friendly homes. It is derived from a reversal of the Butler Building frame. The 'M' morphology allows for better lighting control, water capture & snow collection for insulating purposes. It uses an assembly process in which prefabricated panels and ribs are brought together to form prefabricated modules which are then shipped to the site and joined. The M_House is composed of two basic elements – ribs and panels. The 16” depth of the rib allows the infill panels to be staggered, enabling the appearance of curvilinear form using only flat stock materials. The parametric meta-model enables the rapid reconfiguration of the basic frame component sequence in response to specific climate and programmatic needs. Thus, effectively enabling to test multiple morphological, performative and programmatic strategies. The linear nature of the system means that later extension is simple, encouraging the design of small, potentially enlargeable dwellings. Panels and ribs are easily disassembled for either relocation or recycling.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Buffalo, NY, US


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