bluarch architecture + interiors + lighting

bluarch architecture + interiors + lighting

New York, NY


Spa Hair Atelier

Spa Hair Atelier

This hair salon in New Jersey is inspired by the process of styling hair; the way the stylist can take strands of hair and weave them together to create a new form. The wood latticework and the mirrors line the walls of the styling area and continue onto the ceiling, where strands of crystals add to the femininity and decadence of the retail venue.  Mirrored, pink mosaic tiles add a warm glow to the space, and are accented by the red leather upholstery on the styling chairs.
Tufted red leather walls greet the patrons into the store in the foyer upfront, while the red glass chandelier floats above the reception desk. Red lacquer shelves provide display retail products available for purchase. The dark woods used throughout the space balance the reflective materials and the striking, saturated reds.
All systems, including air conditioning and lighting, are integrated into the design systems and remain invisible to the occupants of the salon. Arched openings soften the transition between spaces.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: New Jersey


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