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Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams

MYchair, Walter Knoll, 2008

MYchair is the first chair designed by Ben van Berkel / UNStudio and is a real architect’s chair. All the details of the chair are considered for their spatial effects. In the case of Ben van Berkel this spatial awareness is connected to his idea of the ‘after image’, referring to the capacity of three-dimensional objects to produce many different impressions when seen from different angles. These continuously changing silhouettes result in a kaleidoscopic experience, achieved in the MYchair by the faceted arrangement of the soft elements, the inward and outward curves of the chrome frame and the duo-tones of the upholstering. The facet shapes of the soft part of the chair are echoed in the curves of the frame supporting it; the bottom is reflected in the sides; and the room itself is reflected in the polished chrome of the support frame. 

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Status: Built
Location: Herrenberg, DE

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