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Naha City Gallery & Apartment House

The Naha City Gallery and Apartment House includes a gallery, retail space, partially submerged parking lot, and three rental apartments that each occupies an entire floor. The north and south facades are composed of transparent, translucent, or opaque glass, determined by the amount of privacy desired: transparent glass showcases the gallery and retail space, and opens up the living and dining areas of the apartments, whereas translucent and opaque glass enclose the apartment bedrooms and bathrooms. Stairwells on the east side and apartment kitchens on the west receive light through small, deep windows. Other than these window pockets, the east and west walls are solid, creating dramatic lighting effects and providing privacy from buildings on the adjacent lots. Channels cut out along the edges of these massive walls, and tapered floor slabs, evoke a lightweight appearance, and thus, an engaging contradiction of the heavy concrete material.

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Status: Built
Location: Okinawa, Japan


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