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1100 Architect

New York, NY | Frankfurt am Main, DE


Avant Chelsea

The Avant Chelsea, a twelve-story residential condominium, occupies a tight and challenging site. The design maximizes the allowable building size within New York City zoning guidelines through an unconventional array of setbacks that add bedrooms and exterior terraces to the uppermost four stories. The design of the 40,000-square foot building balances the demands of a limited construction budget through an artful proportioning of a standard window-wall system, and the deployment of an indigo-hued rain screen made of 12mm thick fibrous cement panels. The panels create a visual code that corresponds to the asymmetrical disposition of major and minor columns in the building’s structure. The exterior color, which varies from bright white to dark blue, provides a distinctive identity to a building type ubiquitous in the New York City landscape. 

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US


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