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Wiel Arets Architects

Amsterdam, NL | Maastricht, NL | Z├╝rich, CH


Beltgens Fashion Shop

A window opened into the heart of Maastricht, this fashion shop is formed by the intersection of a naturally-lit horizontal space extending from the public street though the entrance and sales area out into the newly formed courtyard, and a shadowed vertical space rising from the sales area and going up three levels, housing the stockrooms. The merchandise and occupants are exposed to view from the street, silhouetted by the bright light of the courtyard, and the large show window and door of the street façade present the shop to the city as a space of exhibition. The façade is constructed of Corten steel and glass–a window and door that measure 1.7 m and 3.40 m in height respectively–and the shop is suffused with light from both the front and back, so that the intervention forms a strong contrast with the solid masonry walls of the ancient city.

Sint Amorsplein 14
Maastricht 6211 GT
the Netherlands


55 m2

Date of design

Date of completion

Project team
Wiel Arets

Piet Grouls, Max van Beers

Giel Beltgens

Hub Keulers BV, Jacobs BV

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Status: Built
Location: Maastricht, NL


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