Archinect - Forum 2014-09-30T16:03:24-04:00 Bachelor in Architecture in Austria/Germany? Toni Dobrevski 2014-09-30T16:02:46-04:00 >2014-09-30T16:02:46-04:00 <p>Hi,<br>I have benn thinking about some universities but I'm still not sure which one would give me the best possibilities. I want to learn architecture but something more like passive houses and energyPlus buildings (solar panels, green roofs etc.).</p><p>Which of the following universities would you advice me to apply for:<br>-TU Wien<br>-Angewandte (Wien)<br>-Uni Innsbruck<br>-RWTH Aachen<br>-Uni Stuttgart<br>-TU M&uuml;nchen</p><p>Thank you in advice :)</p> Fantastic office space minutes from PATH Train in Jersey City Downtown Interiors 2014-09-30T15:54:00-04:00 >2014-09-30T15:54:31-04:00 <p><strong>$2,000 / month - 1,000 ft Architectural Office sublet adjacent to Newport PATH station in Jersey City</strong></p><p><img alt="" src=""><br>- 1,000 sq feet unit on 8th floor of historic Lackawanna industrial complex&nbsp;<br>- Bright, airy open floor plan large enough for 6-8 workstations&nbsp;<br>- 12' high ceilings, polished concrete floors<br>- Massive windows span the entire south wall with views of downtown Manhattan.<br>- Wired for high speed Internet and phone, option to keep unit furnished&nbsp;<br><br>Current 8th floor tenants include high-end furniture maker with small office studio and 17,000 sq. ft millwork shop. Restroom and pantry are shared.<br><br>The building features 26 elevators (3 manned, 23 freight), two ground level parking lots for 300+ cars and private loading docks with staging areas. Lackawanna is situated directly outside the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City (629 Grove Street) with direct access to the NJ Turnpike, Routes 1, 9 and 440 and downtown Hoboken.<br><br><strong>Additional Notes:</strong><br>&bull; Property management and elevator service on-site&nbsp;<br>&bull; 26 elevators, 17x9 ...</p> Floating / Flying City jjtothelee47 2014-09-30T14:10:00-04:00 >2014-09-30T14:32:22-04:00 <p>hi i am in currently in my final year and working on my final thesis idea about floating/flying cities. More in the lines of up in the sky cities.&nbsp;</p><p>The architectural problem that I want to address is that the land to build upon will inevitably become scarce and limited, which can be found in dense cities currently. &nbsp;I will address this problem by vertically shifting the ground plane and detaching what is grounded. Like Le Corbusier&rsquo;s quote, my interest is to develop a modern city that rests on a whole new axis, and in doing so, to address the issue of founding a habitat, not confined by the restrictions of land.</p><p>i am searching for studies, theories, and other stuff that will help me with my thesis idea. i have done some research and have found very few.</p><p>if anyone can help it will be extremely helpful and great.</p> Architecture and Interior Architecture daynachrista 2014-09-30T13:52:00-04:00 >2014-09-30T14:06:16-04:00 <p>Okay guys, I'm still in high school and I'm planning to take Architecture in my University next year. So, after reading a thread, I want to ask for recommendation..?</p><p>Which one do you think will be best? taking Bachelor Architecture first, and then Master in Interior Design (Interior Architecture). Or Bachelor in Interior Design first, and then Master in Architecture?</p><p>So, I read that Architects <strong>ALSO&nbsp;</strong>with concept of Interior Design will be more likely to be successful? And.. yeah, Pleasee help me..</p><p>Oh, and if possible I want to hear Universities of your choice for both options (Architecture and Interior Design)</p><p>My option for Architecture degree was Bath University or Cambridge if possible.. But I haven't thought about the "best" Universities for Interior Design. I, obviously want to enter the best school for each major, so help me out, please? :D</p> Client Interview tips Veuxx 2014-09-30T13:36:08-04:00 >2014-09-30T13:56:07-04:00 <p>As a young architect, it's tough to learn how to go into interviews and learn how to sell to a client because you have to have those skills to be invited.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Chicken or the Egg.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Any ted talks or videos/blogs for tips?</p> About my PhD thesis TAM6 2014-09-30T12:55:00-04:00 >2014-09-30T14:07:39-04:00 <p>Good Evening everyone,</p><p>I have a confusion in my thesis, I have finished my studies in Architecture and wanted to do a phD, my unique problem is that my thesis will be on BIM, I woul like to know if BIM is so important for architects, and if I can work as an architec in the industry when I finish my PHD. Please help me.thank you</p><p>Looking Forward to hearing from you</p><p>Tam</p> Who pays for laser scanning? Veuxx 2014-09-29T19:36:07-04:00 >2014-09-30T14:24:52-04:00 <p>the client? The contractor? The architect?<br><br> They are like $950 a day to rent the scanner for point clouds</p> IDP Hours Abroad archmart 2014-09-29T17:30:57-04:00 >2014-09-30T12:22:19-04:00 <p>Hello, I was wondering if anybody was able to get IDP hours by working abroad under a licensed Architect in that foreign country?</p><p>According to NCARB this would fall under: Experience Setting O: Other Work Settings</p><p>Direct supervision by an architect not registered in the United States/Canada engaged in the practice of architecture outside of the United States or Canada</p><p>How are the IDP hours submitted and approved? Has anybody gone through this? Also, is there any other way I can add supplemental experience hours while being in a foreign country other than the NCARB Professional Conduct Monograph?</p><p>I'm just getting started with the whole IDP process so any feedback would be much appreciated.</p> Writings about Landscape Representation 9093bsbk 2014-09-29T14:29:24-04:00 >2014-09-29T16:02:47-04:00 <p>Hello Archinect,</p><p>I am in a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Degree and I am working on a visual representation project of James Corner's <em>High Line.&nbsp;</em>I have never visited the park before, therefore first-hand site reconnaissance is not possible for me. I was wondering if anybody in the community knows of any designer/planner/architect/anything who has published about representing a site not ever visited.&nbsp;</p><p>Possibly other BLA's/MLA's here have taken landscape representation courses, but this is a part of my design studio class as an exercise in graphic representation.</p><p>I'm looking for topics such as representing the unknown, or methods of remote site reconnaissance? (How to approach site research, etc.) Something that I can use as a methodology for representing the sweet Line.</p><p>Hopefully one or some of you may know where to steer me!</p><p>Thanks</p> Architect 3D Ultimate Mac Edition totally unusable on my new MacBook Air TheCalculatedArchitect 2014-09-29T13:14:00-04:00 >2014-09-30T13:47:33-04:00 <p>Hi Gus</p><p>I am a long time listener but first time caller :) Love the Archinect forums. I am super bummed out at the moment though.</p><p>I just finished spending $250 on the ultimate edition of Architect 3D and another $1700 on my new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Was looking forward to an exciting phase where I could put both the powerful hardware and software to great work.</p><p>But, all I have now is a very slow MacBook pro that won't even open up a Safari tab. Opening up a Safari tab takes 6 minutes. Yes, I timed it! Anybody have any suggestions on what I can do?</p><p>Really want to get working with Architect 3D. Any help will be most welcome.&nbsp;</p><p>Thanks!</p> when do you let them know that you are looking for a job? April14 2014-09-29T00:39:00-04:00 >2014-09-29T16:13:37-04:00 <p>So it's been a couple of years running around trying to make it happen after graduation from MArch. This weekend I found there's a young firm I like, and chatted with its principal during his building's walking tour. I mentioned that I'd like to visit his office and he said welcome anytime as the studio is really chill! So I am going to write an email tomorrow for visiting. Eventually, I need to let him know about the following and be impressive in stead of intimidating. Please someone point direction in terms of when and how to bring them up? ( initial Email? During the visit? Latter on after the visit?)</p><p>1. I'm looking for a job in architecture.</p><p>2. I have thorough understanding of North American urban development issues and good experience in urban design, which can help with his practice marketing socially conscious solutions.</p><p>3. I am a lawyer turned planner and planner turned architect. So creative and logical at the same time, also surprisingly young for this combination. I ...</p> Urban Planning vs Architectural Studies? Jason Alexander 2014-09-28T16:26:53-04:00 >2014-09-29T10:24:22-04:00 <p>I a community college student who wants to get into architect, but don't know which is best for that and also want to get an M.Arch sometime in the future as well. Which degree is better for a career in architecture urban planning or architectural studies?</p> Public Marine Aquarium in a landlocked country Bpz211 2014-09-28T11:13:00-04:00 >2014-09-28T11:24:45-04:00 <p>Hi guys,</p><p>I am an undergrad student about to start my final year thesis on "Public Marine Aquarium" . As i am from a landlocked country and there are no public aquariums in my country, i am worried about the location of the site as well as case study for my project.</p><p>i would be grateful if you guys could help me with any kind of materials. it may be case studies, cross sections, floor plans,&nbsp;conceptual drawings&nbsp;or whatever you think might be helpful.</p><p>Thank you for your help...</p> phd and part time work monterey 2014-09-28T09:54:07-04:00 >2014-09-29T11:05:27-04:00 <p>Hi all. Is it possible/doable to work part time&nbsp;(20 h/week)&nbsp;in a small firm while&nbsp;in a funded history/theory PhD at an ivy league school? Thanks.</p> Revit workflow for custom assemblies Dany 2014-09-28T01:44:00-04:00 >2014-09-30T13:18:49-04:00 <p>Hi everybody,</p><p>I am about to start modeling the Carlson Reges house by Michael Rotondi&nbsp;in Revit as a modeling exercice and I was wondering what would be the ideal workflow to model the various custom parts in it. For example, the vertical cylinder suspended from the roof in the living room, would you create a family or would you model it in conceptual mass? For the beams, would you use the library in the project interface or would you create adaptive components in the conceptual mass environment? And the railing at the right is made of many different parts, then again what would be the fastest way to do that?</p><p>I have found many books and videos explaining the basics and also some videos on the more "exotic" tools but I didn't find much on the workflow for this kind of project using &nbsp;many custom parts so any info is welcomed.&nbsp;</p><p>I joined the image so you know what I am talking about.</p><p>Many thanks</p><p><img src="webkit-fake-url://a73d6496-50f3-4697-a3f2-eba182540eb9/imagejpeg"></p> Is this possible? Jason Alexander 2014-09-28T01:40:00-04:00 >2014-09-28T03:13:42-04:00 <p>I'm a community college student and want to get into architect, but the problem most of the schools in my state don't have any architect related programs. I was wondering is it possible for me to transfer in a architect program in a different state as well as study another field of study?</p> Transferring M.arch I Ricardo Hernandez-Perez 2014-09-27T16:53:02-04:00 >2014-09-27T22:58:45-04:00 <p>Hello everyone,</p><p>I am currently studying at an ivy school M.arch I program, first semester. Now that I've taken various classes I've realized the focus of this program does not fit my interests. Unfortunately, the research I did before applying was inaccurate since the program was in transition. I am wondering if anyone has transferred programs before and has any advice they would like to share. For example, I've been wondering if I should ask my current studio portfolio for a recommendation to transfer to another school? Would that be inappropriate? &nbsp;</p><p>Thanks!</p> M.arch mkpr 2014-09-27T12:38:00-04:00 >2014-09-28T13:25:06-04:00 <p>Hey guys, i'm from India, i did my B.arch this year and i'm planning to do M.arch next year.</p><p>i looked for 1 year PG course in Green Architecture in Canada, you think its a good idea?</p><p>also, there are soo many M.arch course to choose from you, which one do you think is best at the moment?</p> picture test go do it 2014-09-27T11:23:51-04:00 >2014-09-27T14:12:43-04:00 <p><img alt="" src=""></p><p>will this work</p> how to drink like an architect Olaf Design Ninja_ 2014-09-26T23:19:11-04:00 >2014-09-30T10:24:46-04:00 <p><strong>IMAGES ONLY</strong></p><p><strong><img alt="" src=""></strong></p><p><strong><img alt="" src=""></strong></p><p><strong><img alt="" src=""></strong></p><p><strong><img alt="" src=""></strong></p><p><strong><img alt="" src=""></strong></p><p><strong><img alt="" src=""></strong></p> SOP plagiarism check nordface 2014-09-26T19:49:26-04:00 >2014-09-29T04:01:21-04:00 <p>how can i check my essay to see if i&nbsp;plagiarised.&nbsp;</p><p>i'm not a native speaker of english, sometimes i remember and use phrases, parts of sentences unconsciously. i thought it's better to check.</p><p>how the schools check for it?&nbsp;</p> Do we have an Arnold Palmer in Architecture? Carrera 2014-09-26T19:07:32-04:00 >2014-09-29T22:47:31-04:00 <p>Recently saw a profile of the life of Arnold Palmer on the Golf Channel and it was probably too short of program to cover all his accomplishments of his life. Arnold Palmer, who is fifth on the all-time wins list with 62 career PGA Tour victories, had just $1.9 million in career earnings but he went on to do monumental things outside of golf that speaks louder than his golf including building a golf equipment empire, architect of&nbsp;countless&nbsp;golf courses and resorts, hospitals, founded the Golf Channel and the list goes on. Add to that his strong devotion to his wife Winnie Palmer for 45 years and the fact that he is probably one of the most solid individuals known in our country&hellip;.and was the first sports figure to develop the now expanding personal aviation industry. He wasn&rsquo;t rich from golf but rich from what he did with his golf career after golf.</p><p>We can all name great architects but can we name an architect that went beyond architecture in their life that can even hold a candle to ...</p> Help - Public Aquarium Conceptual Drawing RosevilleAquarium 2014-09-26T13:33:00-04:00 >2014-09-26T23:33:48-04:00 <p>Hi everyone,</p><p>I'm part of a small volunteer group working&nbsp;on bringing a public aquarium to the Sacramento CA region. We have a meeting next week and need a good quality conceptual drawing of a public aquarium for the presentation.</p><p>Does anyone know where we might find such a drawing?</p><p>We will not be using the drawing publicly, for fundraising etc.,&nbsp;it's strictly for&nbsp;next weeks&nbsp;presentation.</p><p>Our model aquarium (for now) is The Newport Aquarium in KY. Though&nbsp;it would be great to find a drawing of&nbsp;TNA, it doesn't&nbsp;have to be that aquarium specifically.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Thank you for any help you are able to provide - Mike</p> UPenn VS Columbia undergrad polyastepanova 2014-09-26T13:32:00-04:00 >2014-09-26T17:54:08-04:00 <p>I consider applying to one of these schools under Early Decision plan. &nbsp;Do you know in which one of these BA of Arch program is better?&nbsp;</p> Best States in US to practice architecture? NorwichArchi23 2014-09-26T11:27:00-04:00 >2014-09-27T14:21:41-04:00 <p>Hey there everyone, first post on these forums, looking for some opinions. If this is already a topic somewhere and I missed it I apologize! OK, so I currently am in the process of finishing up IDP and looking to start taking the ARE next summer. I finished school with my M Arch roughly 2 years ago and ended up working at an architecture firm on Long Island. Thats great and all, and while I like it here and enjoy NYC from time to time, it is insanely expensive to live here and pay student loans at the same time, so I am strongly considering relocating to somewhere more affordable before I start my exams (provided I can find another job). Any suggestions as to good/affordable states for a young professional guy to start a career in architecture? I get that NYC is a great place to be an architect, and that there is a lot of opportunity here, however its extremely expensive for someone just starting out, with no license and only about 2 years of experience in the field. I am also not t...</p> Architecture compilation books naderdaou 2014-09-25T23:19:06-04:00 >2014-09-28T00:45:09-04:00 <p>So I'm an M.Arch student, and I was wondering if anyone recommends any books that have a compilation of different projects with plans and sections with renderings of the project...etc. Basically an encyclopedia of some sort with different architectural/landscape projects.&nbsp;</p><p>Also, do Diller Scofidio have a compilation book as well, specifically for their work? I can't seem to find anything..</p><p>Thanks!</p> Chances in MArch II Admissions 2015 (U.S.) namr 2014-09-25T14:49:00-04:00 >2014-09-30T12:21:52-04:00 <p>Hi. I just want to get some rough assessment from <strong>Harvard GSD, Yale SOA, MIT Arch., &amp; Cornell AAP</strong>&nbsp;<em>MArch II / SMArchS</em> students about my profile below. I am going to apply for Fall 2015.</p><ul><li>Degree Applied: MArch II &amp; SMArchS</li><li>Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Architecture</li><li>Type of Student: International</li><li>GPA: 2.975</li><li>GRE / TOEFL: exam scheduled on October 2014</li><li>LOR: from college dean, thesis adviser/ professor, former employer</li><li>Portfolio: I still have no finished layout since I am still collecting images but I have 3 projects that won some major awards from design competitions (from academic and professional work).</li><li>Work Experience: 1 year and 9 months in a small, local design firm with one project won 1st prize in a design competition, and handled at least 8 projects more.</li><li>Resume / CV: 4th place, best undergraduate architecture thesis; won 2 major awards in design competitions; got some honorable distinctions (i.e. semi-finalist, 2012 CTBUH student design competition); registered and licensed architect&nbsp;</li></ul><p>Please ...</p> Adaptive reuse. Ideas. Topics. Opinions. Alma Maria 2014-09-25T14:49:00-04:00 >2014-09-26T16:53:25-04:00 <p>Adaptive reuse in architecture.&nbsp;</p><p>Questions that could be answered.</p><p>Topics to explore.</p><p>Points that could be made.</p><p>I am currently writing my thesis, which is (obviously) about adaptive reuse.</p><p>I'd like to know what areas could be explored regarding this subject!</p><p>I have read many theses about it and many topics have been covered. I'd like to avoid just repeating the same things.</p><p>Any ideas?</p><p><img title="" alt="" src=""></p> Application Guidance marinaratrench 2014-09-25T13:49:00-04:00 >2014-09-25T18:57:19-04:00 <p>I plan on applying to Berkeley this fall to the M.ARCH option 3 program. I was wondering if anyone could offer some guidance in the process or if anyone had any suggestions? I am currently studying finance and urban planning at Florida State University. I have an average 3.4 GPA, I have not yet taken the GRE, and I am working on putting together a portfolio. I would happily email anyone the portfolio for critique and criticism. My current school does not offer architecture or art programs to non-art majors so there is not an adviser or anyone I can turn to for guidance. I am only applying to one school because it is truly the one I want to go to, and if I do not get in, I plan to take a year off, build up my portfolio and work abroad while taking extra art courses, then apply to a handful of schools next year. Also I would like to be pointed in a direction with any resources to help the application process or sample portfolios from non-arch background applicants. Also, will coming f...</p> Topic for dissertation - Need some advice robmac93 2014-09-25T11:56:00-04:00 >2014-09-26T12:42:06-04:00 <p>Hi, I'm a fourth year Architectural Technology student, and I have to do a dissertation this year. I am considering choosing "&nbsp;How sustainability practices are adapting to achieve net zero energy buildings" as my dissertation question. I'm just wondering a few things about this:</p><p>Is it a specific enough question?</p><p>Would there be enough research material on this subject?</p><p>Do you think it would make for a "good" dissertation - i.e. is it a subject that would be worthwhile covering?</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Any additional&nbsp;feedback you could give would also&nbsp;be greatly appreciated. Thanks</p>