Archinect - University of British Columbia (Courtney) 2016-07-26T12:12:42-04:00 Thesis Reviews: The Tyranny of a Posture Courtney Healey 2009-05-06T03:05:03-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>Thesis reviews were last Saturday, they were pretty awesome... i took a bit of a calculated risk and decided to develop my presentation as a theater performance since my project was about a bunch of theaters in Manhattan's first "official" cultural district, so about six weeks ago i stared working with my director/producer friend, Danielle Marleau, who just started her own production company out here called <a href="" target="_blank">Black Pants</a>, she gathered together three very talented local performers, <a href="" target="_blank">Stefano Giulianetti</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">M. Pyress Flame</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Priscilla Costa</a>. We met weekly to develop the piece; I would bring them the text and images i was working on and they helped bring the architectural theories and concepts to life in a series of vignettes. I was pretty nervous that it would totally bomb and the critics would be crabby, etc. but in the end it was actually really well received - save for a few detractors - that i'll get back to later... <br><br> here's a link to the <a href="" target="_blank">PERFORMANCE</a> in it's entirety, i left out the ...</p> 34hrs and counting... Courtney Healey 2009-04-24T04:53:48-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:02:16-04:00 <p>just sent my last poster to print... collages are always my favourite part... never got around to making a rhino model comprehensive enough to render so just took some screen shots, traced and photoshopped... i'm pretty happy... still have half of a 1:200 model and a 1:500 massing to do...<br><br> first three are sketches of my three new points of entry to the FAB Center, in hierarchical order: the main entrance and lobby at 70-72 East 4th Street, secondary entrance to rehearsal &amp; performance spaces across the street at 79-81 and a third entrance to studios and admin spaces in 59-61...<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br><br> this next set shows some of the connection points and circulation btwn the multiple existing buildings and my new layer of intervention...<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><img src="" alt="image" name="image"></p> the SHAPE of things... Courtney Healey 2009-03-12T01:19:33-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>a giant meteor is hurtling toward earth... would you rather be a dinosaur or a cockroach?<br><br> this was the central question/metaphor posed last night by Vancouver upstart firm, <a href="" target="_blank">Shape</a>. Principals, Nick Sully and Alec Smith gave the opening talk in SALA's three-part student-run lecture series entitled, Process and Practice: A Guide to Wearing Black. The series invited a handful of local young design firms to talk to students about how to start up and keep going... having a vision, getting projects, paying bills, staying critical, etc.<br><br> Legend has it that Nick and Alec met for a beer around 10am in a London Pub a few years ago and by 10pm the plan for Shape had shape... Nick finally took the plunge, after practicing in Vancouver and the UK over the ten years since graduating from UBC, returning to Vancouver to open Shape in 2007. His former colleague, and Dalhousie alum, Alec, joined him soon after.<br><br> The cockroach vs. dinosaur analogy, basically about being agile and adaptab...</p> FormShift Vancouver Ideas Competition Courtney Healey 2009-03-06T15:19:10-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>It's not everyday that the City of Vancouver looks for outside ideas when deciding how to shape its future... generally being pretty smug with their "most livable city" ratings, the relative speed with which Vancouver-style Urbanism has become a global phenomenon, and largely unconcerned with the contradictions that exist on the ground.<br><br> This open call for ideas seems pretty interesting, if fast approaching: to imagine built solutions for the city's downtown core, residential areas, etc. that respond to some recent policy initiatives such as the <a href="" target="_blank">EcoDensity Charter</a>, the <a href="" target="_blank">Climate Action Plan</a>, the <a href="" target="_blank">2030 Challenge</a>, and the <a href="" target="_blank">G8 Action Plan</a>.<br><br> Registration is March 13 and Deadline is April 6, prizes are a few thousand dollars and inclusion in some exhibitions.<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br> "Over the past 20 years, the approach to community planning, zoning, density, transportation and housing in Vancouver has yielded substantial improvements. Continued improvement, however, requires ong...</p> Smack Down vs. Love In Courtney Healey 2009-03-06T03:47:02-05:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:16-04:00 <p>[or] "Cultural Rites of Passage as Performed by Architecture vs. Landscape Architecture Students"<br><br> With just under two months left until final thesis presentations, our group decided to host the weekly Good Times happy hour last Friday. I don't know if we all just needed to blow off some steam or needed another excuse to procrastinate or wanted to host one last Good Times before graduation or what, but we spent a collective week planning and orchestrating our Smash Hits Good Times.<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br><br> We mashed up our favourite themes and dorky activities from the past four years of Good Times (see collection of posters above - or as many as i had saved in my email) loosely centred around the theme of smashing or mashing... we served mashed foods, made punch, rigged up a ping pong tournament, intended but forgot potato bocce, and made a little arts and crafts corner to make folded paper box professors... and... to get at the heart of this post... hand crafted pinatas of our thesis professor's heads an...</p> Dear Prospective SALA Director... Courtney Healey 2009-02-18T02:18:08-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>the ten questions I just forwarded to the search committee... i'm sure you'll recognize many ideas from around archinect and archischool... any more ideas, what would you want to know from a prospective Director?<br><br> 1. What is your position on fostering a single school identity vs. multiple viewpoints on design, research and pedagogy? What models would you employ to support your position?<br><br> 2. What would your ideal relationship be between the school and the city, the local profession and the larger discipline and how would you make that relationship happen?<br><br> 3. Where do you see architectural education heading in general, where do you want it to head, what do you think about increased specialization within education, what role should technology play?<br><br> 4. What is the relevance of the individual graduation thesis today?<br><br> 5. Draw a diagram of the relationship that you would like to see among students, faculty and administration; what is your position on administrative hierarchy, tenure, fa...</p> Best Bike accessory! Courtney Healey 2009-02-05T22:54:04-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>need i say more?<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"></p> RAIC Good Times Courtney Healey 2009-01-30T23:05:12-05:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:16-04:00 <p>Not quite the star-studded schmoozefest Susan posted about from Yale... <br><br> but tonight the <a href="" target="_blank">RAIC</a> (Royal Architecture Institute of Canada) hosted our weekly Good Times (aka: Friday 5:30 beers) which meant free beer and pizza (not quite martinis or miniburgers ;) but I did enjoy the little introductory speech from <a href="" target="_blank">Canadian War Museum</a> co-architect <a href="" target="_blank">Alex Rankin</a> before a screening of "In Search of a Soul" - Building the Canadian War Museum. Rankin designed the Museum with <a href="" target="_blank">Raymond Moriyama</a>, and shared a few anecdotes from their collaboration, like the fact that they missed the deadline for the original competition by 5min only to have the site changed and a new competition initiated not long after... which they won... obviously. He talked about designing for veterans who are dying at a rate of 2-3,000 per year and are finally opening up and telling their stories of war after so many decades of silence. He talked about an interview that they did with a journalist from the NY Times who praised...</p> getting a feel for the atmosphere and pedagogy... Courtney Healey 2008-11-13T02:23:10-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>The following are my responses to Stephanie from Dalhousie's really great questions as she begins her search for an M.Arch program... figured they may be useful for others as well... my opinions obviously do not reflect those of all UBC students, but probably some, and most likely some non-UBC students as well...<br> ___________________________________________________________<br><br> S_DAL: I was originally interested in UBC for the campus and sustainability approach. I used to work for an architecture firm in Calgary, though, and everyone said that UBC's program wasn't great (okay, they used stronger language, but they are all U of C grads so I am taking what they say with a grain of salt). <br><br><br> C_UBC: I've come to understand the reputation that UBC has amongst other Canadian schools is seriously outdated - read, more than 15yrs old... while its certainly no Harvard, neither is any other Canadian University, sorry McGill - you are also riding on an outdated reputation... the faculty and curricu...</p> Thesis Statement... Eviction... Living on a Postage Stamp... Courtney Healey 2008-11-12T01:39:49-05:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>1. Thesis research [GP1] is due in 25 days... feeling a bit all-over-the-place... can one make a project out of the following three words: POLYCHROMIC... POLYCHRONIC... POLYPHONIC... i have been repeating them to myself for three or four days now... trying to figure out how to create COHESION (my position on how to deal with the fragmentation of OUR POSTMODERN/POSTCRITICAL/POST/POST/POST CONDITION... cohesion: the linking structure of language, the words that give language meaning) out of the mixed-bag of found program, found buildings and a found community of stakeholders... some more words floating around in my head these days... <br><br> COLLAGE... ASSEMBLAGE... NARRATIVE... ENTROPY... unity of ART and LIFE... STRUCTURE... PRESERVATION... ALTERATION... RESTORATION... CONSERVATION... MISREADING... cultural HERITAGE... INTANGIBLE heritage... OBSOLESCENCE... UNESCO... CREATIVE CLASS... TOURISM... IDENTITY... BELL JAR... INSTITUTIONalization... CULTURE... HISTORY... <br><br> a visual... can YOU gu...</p> Hey there, NYC school bloggers... Courtney Healey 2008-10-29T00:21:32-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:15-04:00 <p>or anyone else who might be able to help...<br><br> so my thesis site is gonna be the <a href="" target="_blank">East Fourth Street Cultural District</a>... aka "FAB" on 4th St. btwn Bowery and 2nd Ave... check out <a href="" target="_blank">this post</a> for some more info on the project...<br><br> Through a few contacts I have, I am pretty confident that I'll be able to get decent current plans, sections and images of some of the buildings on the block, but I am still looking for any plan drawings, historic maps and images of the larger LES/East Village area... or any other info you might think is relevant and interesting... I know someone has a studio site not far down Bowery, is there maybe a drawing floating around out there? I also know <a href="" target="_blank">WORKac</a> did a renovation for the Creative Time offices in a loft in one of the buildings 59-61... fun fact... its across the hall from where I used to... uh... work for the <a href="" target="_blank">Lower East Side Printshop</a> before they moved to Midtown... anyway, do any of Dan/Amale's students think they might be open to some questions about th...</p> More lectures... More sustainability Courtney Healey 2008-10-23T19:13:56-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <p>I don't know if its our beautiful views, the proximity to pristine wilderness, or just good old fashioned <a href="" target="_blank">Al Gore</a> type environmentalism... definitely a combination of things... but UBC SALA has been on a soul searching mission to define the school's identity since the recent merger of the Landscape Architecture and Architecture departments... seems like they are settling squarely on being a centre for "Sustainable Architecture."<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br> BC coastline near the Alaskan border, fotos CH <br><br> To that end, SALA's first Director is Dr. Ray Cole, an engineer known for furthering the theory and practice of building environmental assessment, being instrumental in the adaptation of the LEED system in Canada, the creation of the Residential Environmental Assessment Program (REAP) at UBC, the UBC Design Centre for Sustainability and the Green Building Challenge (GBC) process, an initiative to assess the progress in green building practices internationally.<br><br> Plus, last year a group of first-years started t...</p> Help me decide on a site for my thesis project?!?!?!? Courtney Healey 2008-10-16T22:05:26-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>I know I'm asking for it, but....<br><br> Two days ago I handed in the "mid-report" of my thesis research, or "Appendix_B" in UBC SALA terms. In it, I had to give a statement of the current state of my project, an outline and bibliography of what I have completed and a proposal for future work and a future bibliography. I also named my chair and committee members (a few TBAs on that one) and wrote a proposal for a design project for next semester...<br><br> Been running down more than a few research cul-de-sacs... Feeling mired in my own muddy musings right now and thought I'd head down the dangerous road of asking my fellow Archinecters for advice...<br><br> So, without offering too much background information on the project, I did mention my working title a few posts back "Kulturfabriek: Old, New and the Politics of Use, Historic Preservation and the Creative Class... maybe you get the picture already...<br><br> I've spent the past six weeks doing case study visits and analysis, defining a theoretical positi...</p> My Thesis Chair is busy watching Sumo wrestling... Courtney Healey 2008-10-15T02:18:59-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:15-04:00 <p>One of the most exciting programs at UBC SALA is the <a href="" target="_blank">Tokyo from Vancouver</a> Study Abroad which runs every 1.5 years and is going on right now. The full 18-credit semester is run by the irrepressible, <a href="" target="_blank">Professor George Wagner</a>, students set up a new studio space and participate in three different classes that all function as venues for exploring the city.<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br><br> Unfortunately my schedule never quite matched up with TfV's and the closest I get to Tokyo are sporadic emails with Prof. Wagner, my Thesis advisor come January...<br><br> Since I hit the ground running on my return to Vancouver last Saturday, and have been thrown full force into the 6th week of the semester... History 2 mid-term on Tuesday... can you say Dom-Ino House... There has also been some tension over forming Thesis Committees for Spring.<br><br> UBC requires a full-time Design Faculty member as Chair + two other people, most students choose a second faculty member, though for scheduling the school has started to discourage this, and then on...</p> 1st drug bust of the day... Courtney Healey 2008-10-11T17:35:15-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>Ok... as I am writing this, a dude was just slammed up against our window and tackled by four cops... a fifth cop recovered the fakest looking fake gun I've seen since childhood... super shiny silver with the price-tag still on it... about five minutes ago I was walking back from getting a coffee and noticed all four young Honduran dudes that have been hanging out outside for weeks were each approached by a customer at the same time... and then kablamo! and well, that's all I can say about that excitement...<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br> DTS, foto_CH<br><br> Otherwise, I've been here since 11am, its 3:30 now, two weeks until thesis mid-reviews and the studio is dead quiet... I'm playing catch-up since being away, but is everyone else finished?!? its kinda freaky... OH! wait, it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, that might help explain the silence... <br><br> Moved into the Downtown Studio on Monday... plenty of space... only thesis students + me down here this semester (no pesky studios).<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br> My workspace, foto_CH<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br> My desk,...</p> Turenscape and The Art of Survival Courtney Healey 2008-10-11T12:21:49-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>Last night was the one and only "Lecture on Architecture" that will happen this year in Vancouver, a 30 year tradition of bringing relevant and exciting contemporary practitioners out here to the end of the earth. A deflated introduction cited the Vancouver League of Architect's and UBC SALA's failed efforts to find a donor to replace the 6-year support of Light Resource, but that they hope to reinstate the series for the 2009/2010 season. <br><br> In 10 short years since graduating from the GSD's Doctor of Design program, Landscape Architect, Kongjian Yu's firm, <a href="" target="_blank">Turenscape,</a> has grown from 3 to more than 300 people. Turenscape is comprised of Landscape Architects, Urban Designers, Biologists, and Architects working on projects at a range of scales from national ecological infrastructure planning to water management in many of China's new towns and cities to landscape design of small community parks. He presented last week at the <a href="" target="_blank">ASLA Awards</a> in Philadelphia.<br><br> Kongjian Yu also founded the La...</p> UBC's Fall 2008 lecture "series" Courtney Healey 2008-10-03T16:33:26-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <p>While some others have posted their lecture series posters/line-ups... things over at UBC SALA have reached historic levels of higgeldy-piggeldy-ness...<br><br> I have been able to find out about 5 lectures that are happening in the next two weeks... and I would like to think being on the other side of the globe is what made finding out about them difficult, however, after nearly four years at this school I can tell you this is business as usual...<br><br> October 6 at 5:30 in Macmillan Bldg, Room 166, Landscape Architecture Faculty Position Candidate, <a href="" target="_blank">Vincent DeBritto</a>, will lecture "On His Work".<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br> I found out about this via an email from the Landscape Department Secretary forwarded to "all students" from the Architecture Department Secretary on October 3.<br><br><br> October 8 from 6:30 - 8:30 in Lasserre Bldg Room 104, A group of students from a summer <a href="" target="_blank">Study Abroad</a> to Italy will present their work. <br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br> I found out about this through an email from the Architecture Department secretary on October 1, and as of...</p> LuPha achieves UBC homepage fame... Courtney Healey 2008-10-01T12:58:36-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>Last week, I went on the general <a href="" target="_blank">UBC</a> website... to pay my&hellip; ahem&hellip; overdue tuition and this was the freaky photo on the homepage...<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"> UBC's school of midwifery<br><br> Today it is the School of Architecture! Woohoo! A rare acknowledgement on the part of the larger University community...<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"> view from entrance<br><br> The big attention getter is <a href="" target="_blank">Lu's, A Pharmacy for Women</a>. A project that started out as a seminar about a year and a half ago, researching the proliferation of new pharmacies on the <a href="" target="_blank">Downtown East Side</a> of Vancouver, Canada's poorest postal code, with the highest incidence of HIV in the nation. The seminar uncovered a link in the type and number of pharmacies in this neighborhood to a deregulation on methadone distribution in 1997. Since then, dozens of quick and dirty tiny "pharmacies" cropped up offering little more than Dixie cups full of Kool-Aid coloured methadone. On the outside, this may seem like a good thing, however, the dark side is that most methadone recipients receive their prescr...</p> The Lives and Afterlives of Buildingsā€¦ the Biennale and my thesis... Courtney Healey 2008-09-30T14:58:15-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <p>In the past 25days, or since my last blog post, I hung out with friends in Rotterdam, visited and researched the <a href="" target="_blank">Westergasfabriek</a> development in Amsterdam, read a few books for my thesis&hellip; good ones include <a href="" target="_blank">On Altering Architecture</a>, <a href=";s=books&amp;qid=1222795754&amp;sr=1-1" target="_blank">Gentrification</a>, <a href=";s=books&amp;qid=1222795927&amp;sr=1-2" target="_blank">Architecture as Experience</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">OASE Journal #73 Gentrification</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">OASE Journal #69 Positions</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">OPEN Journal #7 (No)Memory</a>, figured out the system at the <a href="" target="_blank">Staatsbibliothek</a> here in Berlin, a great place to work, wrote a few things to send to my professor&hellip; traveled to Venice for A. the Biennale, B. to rendezvous with my aunt before she embarked on a cruise to Greece, and C. to do some case study research on the Arsenale. I came back to Berlin just in time for my parents visit, missed the SALA GALA at UBC, and now it is today&hellip;<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"> doges palace and san marco cathedral mash-up, foto_CH<br><br> Some highlights from the Biennale... well those that pertain to my research anyway&hellip;<br><br> The Irish Pavilion&rsquo;s, <a href="" target="_blank">&ldquo;The Lives of Spaces&rdquo;</a>, occupies Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, a pal...</p> The Sustainable Dance Club and Other Adventures in Architecture... Courtney Healey 2008-09-05T12:17:42-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <p>Beginning any kind of research for a paper has always been the hardest part for me, I spend a long time amassing stacks of books and articles that might be interesting for my topic but then leave them unopened. I discuss the issues with other people, spend a while constructing the opening paragraph and setting up the argument, then finally, when the right amount of panic has set in (holy crap this thing is due in three days sort of panic) I will finally crack the books and skim them wildly in succession, generally writing the paper in one sitting the night before (or too often a week of two after it is due).<br><br> Needless to say, I'd like to turn over a new leaf with my thesis research and writing, easier said than done. So I decide a change of scenery will do the trick, a kind of intensive thesis retreat, and I drag a big bag of books and my laptop over to stay with a friend in Rotterdam for a week.<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br> Schiedamseweg, foto_CH<br><br> It is a city of very little distractions, so theoretically I ...</p> Ready... Set... Courtney Healey 2008-09-03T05:09:28-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <p>GO!<br><br> All right already with the summer posts, this is a school blog project and I will blog about school if it kills me!<br><br> School for me this year means&hellip; drumroll&hellip; THESIS oh, thesis, thesis&hellip;thesis&hellip;<br><br> So the working title for Part 1: The Research, or at least what was on the proposal I submitted three weeks ago&hellip; KULTURFABRIEK: OLD&hellip; NEW&hellip; AND THE POLITICS OF USE, Historic Preservation and the Creative Class&hellip; I know it sounds a bit snoozy now, but the handbook on dissertations I read this summer strongly warned against assigning a sexy and/or cleverly hilarious title before actually completing any of the research, so I&rsquo;m trying it out&hellip; I just read my statement again for about the fifth time this week, trying it on in various moods and settings, like a new dress you&rsquo;re not quite sure if you like yet&hellip; and every time I read it, I feel simultaneously excited, terrified and confident&hellip; it&rsquo;s a bit wordy and scattered yet, but I know there&rsquo;s a project in there somewhere&hellip; maybe if my feelings land...</p> Internships... experience or exploitation Courtney Healey 2008-09-02T06:58:19-04:00 >2011-11-24T09:05:52-05:00 <img src="" alt="image" name="image"> GSW tower, SHA, foto_flickr<br><br> The waning light of summer... today is the official FIRST DAY OF CLASSES at UBC SALA. However, I am still in Berlin, so i thought i'd share some recent thoughts and feelings about internships after my second architecture job ever. I have some pretty mixed feelings about this whole &ldquo;student intern&rdquo; gig&hellip; waffling somewhere between education and exploitation&hellip;<br><br> Last year, I was so eager to get out there and work, to go abroad, etc. and was in a position to make ends meet without making tons of money in the summer (thanks to American sized students loans for a Canadian sized tuition bill), and somehow managed to convinced CS to join me in both Rotterdam 2007 and Berlin 2008 even though he is quite seriously broke as a joke. But since last year I was applying under my school&rsquo;s <a href="" target="_blank">co-op program</a> they had some reservations about accepting a 600E stipend as &ldquo;market value remuneration for the work performed.&rdquo; And I had to convince them to accept this &ldquo;cultural differ... summer_003_FINAL(final) Courtney Healey 2008-08-24T13:56:39-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:01:14-04:00 <p>How to begin&hellip; well, let's first say it&rsquo;s the beginning of the end&hellip; of summer&hellip; of my current job in Berlin &hellip; of my m.arch degree&hellip; but also just the beginning&hellip; of my thesis year&hellip; of my very own self inflicted and self directed (ack!) project&hellip; and the return to Vancouver&hellip; yet again&hellip;<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br> alexanderplatz, foto_CS<br><br><br> Since, for better or worse, I spend most of my time with CS and we spend pretty much all of our time with architecture, the blog will likely contain a bit of his UBC experience as well, which is probably good for you since he&rsquo;ll be up at school more than me this semester, TA-ing for the lasercutter and as of today, first-year Design Media, and I&rsquo;ll be agonizing all alone&hellip; though hopefully I will be able to get a desk&hellip; more on that later&hellip; soooo&hellip;<br><br><img src="" alt="image" name="image"><br> eiffeltower, foto_CS<br><br><br> Writing now from cold, bleak, rainy Paris, small weekend away from Berlin, CS and I are staying at a friend&rsquo;s place while he&rsquo;s away on vacation and discussing our favourite topic&hellip; preservation&hellip; and the meeting of old a...</p>