Archinect - onwards and upwards 2014-04-16T12:29:10-04:00 eventually. trainwreck 2014-01-09T14:33:47-05:00 >2014-01-13T21:32:21-05:00 <p> I thought finding the time to write a small passage every now and then in a blog would be easy but evidently not! I have completed my first semester and all I can say is i have thoroughly enjoyed it. So much work. But I love it.&nbsp;</p> <p> First year is all about weening you in and getting comfortable with all the techniques of design, not so much the technical side of it. We have been given a series of small projects so far and I can already see myself improving. From basic rendering techniques to floor plans and elevations I already feel I know a lot more about Architecture than I did before starting the degree! I feel myself being very shy and scared to experiment, which I need to stop doing &nbsp;as it puts great limitations on what I'm capable of doing. Ive always had this issue and not sure yet how to tackle it. Ive made a promise to myself to sort it out this next semester and see what can change. I need to be more imaginative and explore further.&nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> So anyway, first project was a c...</p> Observe. trainwreck 2013-09-22T16:40:38-04:00 >2014-01-09T14:13:37-05:00 <p> During the first week a visit to Kielder, Northumberland was organised. We walked 1 and a half miles to the observatory and the James Turrell 'sky space' building. Although the walk was so unenjoyable, the views standing on the observatory were not. During my foundation diploma at college I based an entire project on this observatory but had never had the pleasure of visiting it in person, so today was really inspiring to get to see what I had been working on for 4 months earlier in the year. Although the structure is entirely right angled, I think this creates a really beautiful piece. Especially when joined with the wooden cladding it give it a really beautiful finishing.&nbsp;</p> Bankrupt. trainwreck 2013-09-14T14:06:07-04:00 >2013-09-23T22:42:26-04:00 <p> So here it is, I am preparing myself to start what can only be described as the most nerve wracking experience in a teenagers life, university. Although living at my parents home for my first year (yes, I got cold feet) I am still DREADING the moment of entering the lecture theature to find those many faces staring at me, instantly judging everything about me. Anyway, last week I received my timetable and it is what only can be described as brutal. Although expected to have long hours and long days throughout an Architecture degree, I did not expect 9 to 5 days, every day! In addition, I received a list of equipment that I may need throughout the 3 years. Well, lets just say its possibly a good thing that I am staying at home and having my meals and washing paid for me. &nbsp;</p>