Archinect - Clemson University 2015-01-31T17:43:00-05:00 First week of graduate architecture school @ clemson Joe McNeill 2009-06-10T01:52:24-04:00 >2011-09-23T13:02:16-04:00 <p>Ahh, the first week of architecture school. There's a line in a song that is often stuck in my head now that says "neglected, stressed out, and living in fear." That pretty much sums it up. <br><br> At Clemson, for the 3.5 M.Arch students, we do a warm-up summer session of sorts in Charleston, SC, off-campus. They pretty much take a semester's worth of work and cram it into 8 weeks. <br><br> On the first day, I was extremely excited. The buzz about the studios, new students, new beginnings. I kept explaining to everyone who kept asking about my first day that it felt like a mix between The Real World and one of those Design reality TV competitions - Project Runway or something (without the fashion and Heidi Klum of course - the latter quite unfortunately....) After just meeting each other for the first time, we walked around the city and talked a little about each other, our first impressions, nerves, excitedness, etc. After a few quick, "Hi, I'm..... from...." we only had a few minutes ...</p>