Archinect - News 2017-07-23T02:32:16-04:00 Architect Santiago Calatrava makes first comments since DIA divorce Archinect 2011-09-14T18:19:00-04:00 >2013-03-18T16:04:38-04:00 <img src="" width="600" height="348" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>"For the past several years, Denver International Airport and I have worked with a team of dedicated architects and engineers to try to bring this ambitious project to fruition," he said in a statement. "From the beginning we have had the project's best interests at heart and although we have decided to part ways, I wish DIA all the best with the South Terminal Redevelopment Program and its future success."</p></em><br /><br /><p> Previously: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Calatrava: Hasta la Vista Denver!</a></p> Calatrava: Hasta la Vista Denver! archaalto 2011-09-08T22:52:00-04:00 >2013-03-18T16:04:52-04:00 <img src="" width="200" height="150" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>Noted international architect Santiago Calatrava has informed Denver International Airport officials that he and his firm are halting their work on DIA's South Terminal Redevelopment Program and are withdrawing from the venture. DIA officials said they intend to proceed with the project using designs already produced by the Spanish architect and his firm, Festina Lente.</p></em><br /><br /><p> Calatrava is apparently quitting over the speculation that the city &amp; county of Denver does not have enough cash to complete the project to the level of quality that is befitting his name and the reputation of his firm.&nbsp;</p>