Archinect - News 2017-07-27T04:58:13-04:00 "Stalactite" by APTUM Architecture - Warming Huts v. 2014 competition entry Justine Testado 2013-12-06T15:41:00-05:00 >2013-12-09T18:19:10-05:00 <img src="" width="650" height="321" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>Here's a pretty cool Warming Huts v. 2014 submission we received from APTUM Architecture, based in the U.S. and Switzerland. As its name states, APTUM's warming hut proposal was inspired by stalactite formations that hang from the ceilings of caves.</p></em><br /><br /><p> <img alt="" src="" title=""></p> <p> <img alt="" src="" title=""><br><br><br><br><img alt="" src="" title=""><br> Head over to <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Bustler</a> to learn more.</p> <p> <em>Images courtesy of APTUM.</em></p> Prishtina Central Mosque Entry by APTUM Alexander Walter 2013-04-24T14:23:00-04:00 >2013-04-24T15:32:02-04:00 <img src="" width="650" height="437" border="0" title="" alt="" /><em><p>Swiss/American practice APTUM has shared with us MI&rsquo;RAJ, its design entry to the Central Mosque of Prishtina architecture competition whose jury recently failed to agree on a clear first prize winner (previously on Bustler). APTUM partner and Assistant Professor at Syracuse University, Julie Larsen, suggests: "Since the competition couldn't pick a winner, maybe there should be a second vote online with the better designs because the jury clearly got it wrong from what we are seeing."</p></em><br /><br /><p> Previously: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">No Clear Winner (yet) in Kosovo&rsquo;s Central Mosque of Prishtina Competition</a></p>