Nikita Pikalov

Nikita Pikalov

Sydney, AU


Cronulla House

Cronulla House project was performed in first part of 2012, during the exchange to the sustainable building design advanced diploma course of Sydney TAFE institute of technology. It is a residential edifice, consists of two storeys and a basement.

Edifice creation process has passed through the concept design, development application and construction certificate phases and consists of brief report, site analysis, schematic design, model, drafts, sustainability analysis, post-production,  photo-montage and reports.

Revit Architecture 2012 was used for drafting and modeling, Ecotect 2011 for sustainability analysis and Photoshop CS5 for brief report, site analysis, schematic design, post-production, photo-montage and reports.

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Status: School Project
Location: Sydney, AU


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