Eugenia Fama-Higgins

Eugenia Fama-Higgins

Portland, OR, US

preliminary SketchUp
preliminary SketchUp


My name is Eugenia Famá-Higgins.  As my résumé details, I have 5+ years of design and documentation/modeling experience in a wide variety of projects, including Affordable Housing, Apartments and Condominiums, Mixed-use, Senior Housing, Commercial and Retail, and Urban Design.

Currently, I live in Portland OR and work at the firm Ankrom Moisan Architects.  At Ankrom Moisan, I regularly participate in design charrettes, feasibility studies, meetings with clients, and diverse training sessions.  As an architect, I seek to design spaces where people and communities thrive.  I continually strive to grow as a team member and in my individual capabilities as an architect.

I am originally from Argentina and am used to much more sun than here in Portland.  I am looking to relocate within the United States to a similarly sustainable and progressive atmosphere, just with a bit more sun!  My husband and I are looking to set down roots in a new city.

My skills go beyond what appears on paper.  I am known around the office for designing outside the box and bringing concrete solutions to our challenges.  I would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate these characteristics in an interview with your firm, either by phone, by Skype, or possibly even in a visit to your office in person.


Eugenia Famá-Higgins

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