Eti Kastoryano

Eti Kastoryano

Istanbul, TR


Here Comes The Sun

Today, the means of production is mainly knowledge based. The main aim is to find a suitable habitat for the workers of this knowledge industry, where they can create, network, socialize and produce. This need for a new common, new living requires a new typology.

In Cerda’s original plans, he visualized Eixample as place of collaboration and accommodation of people from various classes, redistributing the wealth by “private - sharing - public.” By implementation of the new model of living into Eixample, it offers a new residential building with a public character, allowing co-habitation beyond traditional family structure, attracting an entirely different kind of tenant.

According to the 2010 statistics done in Eixample, 14 percent of the houses are unoccupied, and 62 percent of the occupied ones are inhabited by 1 to 2 persons. With social individualization, a new community based on shared spaces emerged. A new “collective urban dwelling” with compactness, individualism and shared space will be created affecting the interior spaces of pre-existing buildings. The buildings are too deep and can’t provide a lighting and air comfort to the rooms despite the several shafts. This proposal aims to tackle the domestic living condition in Eixample, by carving vertical voids by the combination of shafts and service cores of several buildings, creating a new depth of comfort for the living unit. The new building will be keeping the existing building structure as a shell.

Workers of the knowledge industry, young people, singles and those with lower income often prefer or can afford one-room apartments (20 sqm on average), utilized as a sleep and storage space. Creating a flexible, transformable and inexpensive spaces is the key to inhabit creative workers, due to their constant moving. Creation of a transition space by foldable furniture and movable walls, allow the space to be transformed from day to night, according their daily routine. From the solitude of their own studios, the residence have the shared environments allow collectiveness, network and detachment from the living unit, acting as a communal living room. This proposal aims at restructuring and redistributing the existing building structure and living conditions into a more comfortable living environment.

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES