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Erik Engle

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I graduated Kent State University with a bachelor of science in architecture.  I'm currently looking for full-time internships in hopes of continuing my education in a professional work environment.  I plan on going to graduate school in the near future, finances permitting, in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a certified architect.  I believe that no matter what my future endeavors may be, I hope to broaden my perspective of what it means to be a designer; to create spaces that not only inspire, but convey a sense of professionalism.


Kent State University Florence Program, Florence, IT, BArch, Architecture

Florence is an ideal location for an education-abroad program in architecture and design. The city is small enough that students feel very comfortable to live there and walk around, and yet it is only a short train ride from Rome, Venice and Milan. Convenient airfares across Europe make Florence also an ideal springboard for travelling throughout many other European nations and cultures.

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. The city has more than a hundred museums that cover the fine arts — painting, sculpture, tapestry and many crafts, as well as architecture, science, geography and more. The center of the city is itself a museum filled with the meticulously preserved architecture dating from the medieval and Renaissance periods to the present.

Each year the College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) provides the opportunity for all students within the college to have an educational experience in Florence, Italy. Students experience the historical evolution of European art, architecture and urbanism, as well as the contemporary “design scene” and the on-going modernization of European cities.

Both in the fall and in the spring, the programs are structured as semester long, with the opportunity of earning a full semester credit load, fitting conveniently into the student curricula, as well as resulting in a more efficient investment to study abroad. The "semester format" provides also a more comprehensive, richer and impactful experience for the students, compared to shorter programs.

Jan 2012 - current

Kent State University, Kent, BArch, Architecture

The four-year program in architecture leads to the pre-professional degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture. The first two years of this program emphasize liberal arts studies and fundamentals in architectural design, theory, and history. The third and fourth years develop abilities in architectural design and building technologies, culminating in the Integrated Design Competition Studio where the totality of knowledge gained in the curriculum is brought to bear in the studio experience. The degree is also offered as an accelerated two-year, post-undergraduate program for students holding bachelor's degrees in other fields.

The Bachelor of Science degree requires a total of 127 credit hours, which includes 81 credit hours of architecture courses. To receive this degree, students must attain a 2.25 minimum GPA in architecture courses and 2.5 cumulative GPA. In the final year of the four-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture program, students may apply for the professional Master of Architecture programs.

Aug 2009 - May 2013

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