Elizabeth A. Duffy

Elizabeth A. Duffy

New York, NY, US


Miami Maritime Museum

The Miami Maritime Museum is a significant cultural center for the Downtown Community. Here, visitors can appreciate Miami’s influential role in maritime history. Through incorporating cascading lawns & plazas and integrated garden spaces, visitors are able to appreciate the significant landmarks surrounding Museum Park. Visitors enter the museum 12’ above grade, offering a unique vantage point of the city. The smaller exterior galleries, with outdoor viewing decks, allow visitors to easily circulate around the tripple story main exhibition space. Upon returning to the main hall, patrons gain a more in depth understanding of Miami’s maritime history, and a more unique persspective on the exhibit.

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Status: School Project
Location: Miami, Florida
My Role: Individual Project, fully responsible for the design, production, and final presentation boards.

Board 2
Board 2

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