Daisy Zhong

Daisy Zhong

Los Angeles, CA, US



Infinity: The Infinite Structure
The infinite parking structure is a more than just a parking structure, it is an infrastructure that doesn't have to end. It never stops providing the city with programs and functions it needs. Althought
the intersection of 10th ave. and 34th Street is one of the most underdeveloped areas in Manhattan, the location is undergoing major changes such as constructions of phase II of the Highline, the
Hudson Yards development, as well as the extension of Penn Station. With these developments, the area will soon be thriving with exciting new residents, leading to demand for more communal
and cultural spaces such as farmers market, galleries, theaters, temporal event spaces, as well as parking.

The double circular spirals serve as the most ecient parking layout for this site as well as an innite solution to increasing demand for more parking spaces and communal spaces in the future, with
the inner spiral serving people in the community and the outer spiral housing their cars. The building is left unnished at the top, bound by its current maximum building envelope, is capable of
future extensions as demand increases and building restrictions change. Whether it is 50, or 100 years down the road, this function of the structure will not have to be limited by its physical stature.

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Status: Competition Entry


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