Dwight David Patterson

Dwight David Patterson

Orange, CA, US


Encintas Fire Station 2

This new fire station will be single story 6,330 square-feet facility.
Conceptually, the sloping sawtooth roof lines and clearstory windows are intended to emulate Encinitas’s history of flower fields and greenhouses. The station incorporates sustainable design elements that will align with the USGBC’s LEED Silver certification. Some of these key elements will be; use of regional building materials, clerestory interior day lighting, storm water quality control bios wale, drought tolerant landscaping and future installation of photovoltaic panels.

The building is designed to mitigate the freeway noise with the use of a continuous decorative concrete masonry wall fronting Interstate 5 with elements incorporated that respond to the freeway visibility. The colors will be shades of gray and the masonry is proposed to incorporate offsetting faces with heavy fluted textures. The roofs will be sloped, standing seam metal facing south to allow optimal sun orientation and efficient solar collecting by the future photovoltaic panels. Between the masonry wall and sloping roof, clearstory windows are formed that allow for effective interior day lighting.

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Status: Built
Location: Encinitas, CA, US
My Role: Designer / Job Captain


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