Westlake Village, CA, US


Facilities Management

• Oversee and manage team through the identification of needed capital expenditures, estimating budget needs, scope requirements, contracting of work and timely completion of planned and unplanned projects throughout.
• Collaborate and problem solve with team to develop strategic plans for up-coming projects.
• Provide department cost analysis and budget projections necessary to maintain company’s assets in accordance with standard facilities industry.
• P & L responsibility for assigned projects.
• Assure effective communication standards are maintained in updating field-team and operational partners.
• Support LEED programs and estimate costs; prepare budgets, purchase orders, and negotiate/purchase materials.
• Research and recommend procedures, processes and services for continuous improvement in the delivery of company goals and targets.
• Collaborate in the development of in-house construction contracts and agreements.
• Monitor facilities, understand existing conditions, inspect work progress, validated work was completed and meets standard industry.
• Develop and manage business relationships with in-house of trades, customers, vendors, sub-contractors, engineers and consultants.
• Resolution of minor/major issues and compliance with codes, ordinances and regulations imposed by company standards and government organizations.
• Conduct inspections, ensure compliance with corporate policies; assess scope of work and quality control. Ensure all work matches contract line items & terms.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Facilities - Department Head
Additional Credits: Mark Johnson - Executive Director of Facilities (310) 466-1682


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