David Moreno

David Moreno

Alicante, ES


Dental clinic

The premises are given to make an study of the incoming business, a dental clinic.The brief consisted on three consulting rooms, sterilization room, X-Ray room, the main reception area and the waiting room; all seven of them will have to be located on the ground floor due to local regulation. On the upper floor on the other hand there will be located the private rooms as a office, laboratory and a changing room. The concept of the dental clinic is given by the double height and the neutral colors that will lead the entire design.A diagonal wall is introduced on the upper level to break the orthogonality and achieving a window on the office upstairs that would not be possible maintaining the lower plan layout.A staircase that does not reaches the upper landing or the long vertical window to emphasize the double height are other special characteristics of the project.

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Status: Built
Location: Madrid, ES
My Role: Architect - Project Manager
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