Danielle Eads

Danielle Eads

New York, NY, US



I am a fourth year undergraduate at the University of Virginia School of Architecture. In May, I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design with a second major in Architectural History. I look forward to pursuing an entry level position in an exciting firm upon graduation, where I will work in a collaborative setting to design innovative spaces.

I am currently in a design research studio investigating Ductal high-performance concrete. The materials research began with explorations with different types of formwork, and will manifest in a temporary bench structure to live in a courtyard outside of the UVA School of Architecture. This hands on studio investigates different ways Ductal can be implemented. This is part one in a three semester investigation, which will be compiled into a research report at the conclusion of the three years.

I am simultaneously researching and composing my final thesis project, titled "From Braccia to Piazza: the Impact of Filippo Brunelleschi on Architectural Style and Urban Planning in Renaissance Florence," to complete my second major in Architectural History. This self-guided research project attempts to analyze Brunelleschi's architecture through the lens of both a historian and a designer, with arguments that rely heavily on the examination of architectural drawings, manifesting in a dense text with accompanying diagrammatic studies, travel sketches and reproduced drawings. The importance of studying the buildings that precede us, in conjunction with contemporary innovations, is an integral component for the success of future innovations, and has helped me, personally, grow and expand as a designer.



Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library, Charlottesville, VA, US, Student Supervisor

Promoted to Supervisor of the UVA Arts Grounds library. Tasks include managing the front desk, attending to patron requests, and assistance in the scan lab.

Jul 2011 - current

Kennedy-Grant Architecture, Bernardsville, NJ, US, Intern

Shadowed for two weeks. Gained an understanding of a small architectural firm atmosphere. Introduced to computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop and AutoCad. Organized the Fall 2010 Art in Architecture museum exhibit.

Jul 2010 - current

Rivanna Vortex Competition, Charlottesville, VA, US, Team Leader

Selected to be a team leader for a group of graduate and undergraduate students in an all-school competition, led by guest architect Adriaan Geuze, focusing on the rejuvenation of the degraded Rivanna River in Charlottesville VA.

Jan 2013 - Jan 2013

Mathnasium, Richmond, VA, US, Learning Center Instructor

Worked as a Learning Center Instructor teaching students math. Students ages and math levels ranged from pre-school through high-school.

Aug 2008 - Aug 2010


University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US, BArch, Architecture, second major in Architectural History

Aug 2009 - current

University of Virginia, Paris, FR, January Term Study Abroad

Selected to study abroad for two weeks in Paris, France. Curriculum focused on the physical manifestations of social and cultural changes that made Paris the modern city of the 19th century.

Jan 2013 - Jan 2013

Florence University of the Arts, Florence, IT, Architecture

Studied Italian Renaissance architecture in the heart of the Renaissance. Explored how historical buildings of Tuscany are received by modern architects, transformed and re-thought to live more sustainably.

May 2012 - Jul 2012

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