Cristian Lera

Cristian Lera

Mexico, MX

The FUNiture
The FUNiture
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The Funiture

An auction # ProyectoCalleVeinte to benefit the foundation Rebecca de Alba in Gallego Center, where twenty creative project joined in the fight against cancer by providing twenty pieces of furniture-design-only to be auctioned proceeds will support young people with cancer who do not have enough help to receive proper care and treatment, in addition to preventive educational programs.

A collaboration between Michel Rojkind, Chris Luce, and Cristian Lera.
The basic idea is to strengthen the bond between families, creating a sofa which could be transform into a tend where the kids can play.

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Status: Built
Location: Mexico, MX
My Role: Design, executive plans, diagrams, presentation
Additional Credits: Michel Rojkind, Chris Luce Dickinson


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