Courtney Healey

Courtney Healey

Vancouver, BC, CA


Sherbourne Common LightShowers

Light Showers turns infrastructure into art through a series of iconic sculptures integrated into a new waterfront park in Toronto that visibly express the surrounding community’s aspirations of sustainability. Three, nine metre tall sculptures celebrate collected and purified stormwater by lifting it from the ground to the sky then through a the textured veil of water that flows into a channel, carrying it into Lake Ontario. As people meander over bridges between the elements, integrated motion sensors trigger shifting light patterns in the water curtains, emphasizing the connection between local actions and distant effects.

I was involved in construction phase detailing and tender package creation, coordination with prime consultants Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg, and multiple fabricators. I sourced materials, designed cast glass and concrete pavers and oversaw fabrication of major elements.

Awarded 2012 National Urban Design Award for Civic Design by Architecture Canada

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Status: Built
Location: Toronto, ON, CA
My Role: Assistant Designer
Additional Credits: Jill Anholt Studio: Jill Anholt, Bill Uhrich and Hannah Teicher
Client: Waterfront Toronto
Consultants: (prime) Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg Landscape Architects, Fast & Epp Structural
Fabricators: Heavy Industries, Studio One Glass, UCC, Justesen Industries


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