Courtney Healey

Courtney Healey

Vancouver, BC, CA


Projecting Drop for Pacific Plaza

Integrated into a new exterior public plaza in downtown Tacoma, Projected Drop compresses layers of history into a simple expression of past forms, present actions and future vitality. The undulating GFRC structure is covered in a custom 1" hexagonal tile surface that transforms from blue to green, referencing the location of a historic bathhouse below and the conversion of water to the living matter of the building’s green roof above.

A prescient quote found in a 100yr old local newspaper is embedded into the ground surface: “from amidst a sombre forest of firs a city has arisen as if by a stroke of an enchanter’s wand. Like a new Venice, Tacoma looks forth over the glassy waters and prepares to handle the commerce of the world.” A light projection triggered by citizen movement completes the quote, exclaiming “Let Energy! Ambition! and Enterprise! Continue to give lustre to the City of Destiny!” allowing viewers to share in the city’s collective identity.

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Status: Built
Location: Tacoma, WA, US
My Role: Lead Designer and Project Manager
Additional Credits: Jill Anholt, BLRB Architects, Heavy Industries, Jerry Burch, Spectrum Creative


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