Courtney Healey

Courtney Healey

Vancouver, BC, CA


ADAC Headquarters

I joined the office just as construction began. Due to corporate restructuring within the client organization, there were a number of major concurrent major design changes including an entirely new facade system. As part of the facade team within the larger 25 person project team, I worked on detail plans, sections, elevations and physical models of different facade systems, as well as finalization of SHA’s signature colour work for the two major facade types. I helped coordinate  the final drawing sets, aligning various engineering layers, wall tags, door, window and finish schedules.

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Status: Built
Location: Munich, DE
My Role: Intern Architect (praktikant)
Additional Credits: Matthias Sauerbruch, Louisa Hutton, and Associate/Project Leader Andrew Kiel with the 25+ person ADAC team.


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