Christopher Riley

Christopher Riley

Los Angeles, CA, US


Koreatown Elementary School

Located in Koreatown, not far outside of downtown Los Angeles, the site for the elementary school sits with one side adjacent to a busy corridor while the other side borders a quieter neighborhood. My objective was to create a pattern of solid and void in the super structure to give each classroom in the school an indoor as well as an outdoor component, that would work both as a light well for the indoor classroom and as a classroom in itself. The ground floor revolves around the problem of the wall; an elementary school has to be surrounded by a wall of some kind (often a chain link fence) to ensure safety, but the problem lies in how to both program the wall and make it part of the architecture. The wall and its poche work in the project to create enclosed outdoor space around the perimeter of the super structure, while being programmed with ancillary functions such as seating (on both the public street side and inside the school) and storage. The wall also creates a consistent datum against which both the floating super structure and carved ground plane can be registered.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US


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