Christopher Riley

Christopher Riley

Los Angeles, CA, US


Gallery for Danish & Intl. Photography

The New Gallery for Danish and International photography concentrates on the idea of the image. It stands on the far edge of Copenhagen’s shopping street among a number of corporate fast food restaurants and discount apparel stores. The idea of a cultural institution in this space is both contextual and paradoxical. Contextual considering the history of the architecture itself, and paradoxical considering the current program of the area. A space for images is perhaps most fitting for a site so defined as a space for spectacle. The gallery aims to show its images in the context of its specific placement in Denmark, the people attending and not attending, and the rest of the collection. The galleries each take the form of a tray being slid into the frame of the exhibition space, creating overlapping sectional space between each gallery. Images are viewed both directly in each gallery and indirectly as they catch the eye from different points inside the space as one moves through. In addition, the galleries protrude outside the building above the public realm, making those outside the building a framed display to those inside and vis versa. Each gallery is then treated as a white box hanging in an environment of natural material rather than polished: raw concrete, aging brick from the neighboring building, and the translucent channel glass and structure of the gallery itself.

*Exhibited in RELIER at the MIA Gallery in Los Angeles, March 2013

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Status: School Project
Location: Copenhagen, DK


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