Christopher Riley

Christopher Riley

Los Angeles, CA, US


Future City Research Lab

More than half the world's total population is projected to live in cities by 2030. The Future City Research Lab is an institution meant to explore and share solutions to the problems of the modern city and Copenhagen’s own urban developments, strategies and practices, while also increasing Copenhagen’s position on the wider global playing field. My approach to the design relies on two diagrams within the field of the site; the first being a field of columns on a five meter by five meter grid which act as both spatial definers and structure depending on situation, and two folded planes creating the interior first level, consisting of a gallery and plenum. The spatial definition is largely inspired by the idea of Lyceum, which manifests itself in the column condition that provides a place for both the public and the researchers to wander through the site in an artificial separation of nature and building, similar to the Peripatos of Aristotle. The lab area is also given a lyceum like space as one of two interpretations of the idea of the “base camp”, one in the form of an atrium space for meeting and discussions in larger groups, and a two meter wide perimeter walkway and gallery space to be used to either walk and think, or stop and review work in a pin-up format.

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Status: School Project
Location: Copenhagen, DK


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