Chenxi Wang

Chenxi Wang

New York, NY, US


Xipu high-speed railways station urban design

The system of a tree is the easiest way of referring to a complex  structure, however, when comparing our city to a tree, we sacrifice the human complexity and richness for meaningless conceptual simplicity. Each unit in a tree is fixed, with unchanging relationship with others, but in a human society, the mixed connection between each person is never fixed, we are living in a ever-changing environment marching faster and faster toward a much more complex social connection. Architectural space should also adapt to this kind of complex structure.


Aiming for a organic city mode, how to keep this kind of dynamic complexity is the key to our design, we created multiple level of circulation and connection between skyscrapers. Building and spaces are not simply a division system that construct according certain hierarchy, however, they should be a semi-lattice structure with overlapping spaces and fluid circulation. Future cities is all about connection and communication, same for architectural spaces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chengdu, CN
My Role: Designer


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