Cory McCurdy

Cory McCurdy

Scotch Plains, NJ, US


North Tillotson Revitalization

North Tillotson Revitalization

Design Charge: Create a sustainable housing development with mixed-use retail.

The proposed development is comprised of conventional, low impact, and zero lot line lots and supplemented by apartments and townhouses. Trails link much of the site decreasing the impact of the motor vehicle while swales naturally filter surface runoff with vegetation.


Featured are adaptations of the ‘woonerfs’ of the Netherlands, where pedestrians and motor vehicles share the same space. Planting beds among the drive lanes slow vehicle movement protecting pedestrians from high vehicle speeds. Garages are located to the rear of the lot leaving the street side open for front porches to create a sense of community among neighbors.

Vehicles using on-street parking must back into the spaces. Studies have found that this parking orientation is safer for bicyclists as drivers leaving their parking space are more aware of oncoming cyclists.

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Status: School Project
Location: Muncie, IN, US
My Role: Designer


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