Turin, IT




The project involves the total renovation of the six floors above ground and the two underground, and their transformation into luxury residences and commercial venues.
The building has a great and convenient central location about 50 meters from Piazza San Carlo in the heart of Via Lagrange, the new pedestrian street of Turin. The new fashion district, Via Lagrange is the new shopping street for young people in Turin, running parallel to the old Via Roma, the main street for shopping in Turin. Together they play a leading role within the city’s panorama of fashion and tourism.
The building is on the corner with via Giolitti and thanks to an internal restructuring operation made in the second half of the twentieth century presents a flat roof, a fascinating panoramic point with a glamorous 360° view on the rooftops of Turin, from the hills to the timelessly beautiful Alps, from Superga to the Mole, from the mount of capuchins to the new skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Turin, IT
My Role: Progettazione preliminare, definitiva, esecutiva - DL – CSP - CSE


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