Brittany Barron

Brittany Barron

Lexington, KY, US

Full View Final Model
Full View Final Model
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Surface of Possibilities + Insertion Model

This model introduces the viewer into a world that suggests fluidity through a continuous path.  This path leads one’s eye from top to bottom, from high elevation to low.  Edge conditions are introduced as the path is observed either as a whole or in succession of the long axis.   Being solid surfaces verses the pixilated skin on the edges further emphasize this wave created on the long axis.


The main model installed in this site introduces a world of strong geometries through overlapping and creation of pyramid-like constructions. The large-scale geometries are offset by small long pieces that connect all facades together to create an aesthetically pleasing composition. The variance in scale also aids in creating balance, another idea explored through this project.

The models inserted serve the purpose of transforming the mesh skin into places one could occupy. These sculptures are reflected of the waved path in that they make relationships based on the direction of the curve. In this way the materials inserted illustrate tension and release based on the location they occupy on this wave.

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Status: School Project
Location: Lexington, KY, US
My Role: Individual Project

Full View Without Chipboard Model Insertion
Full View Without Chipboard Model Insertion

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