Britta Wangstad

Britta Wangstad

Wayzata, MN, US


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In June I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture and a Minor in Modern Art History from the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University.  Since then I have been working for James Dayton Design in Minneapolis as an architecture intern.  I first met Mr. Dayton when doing my senior project at The Blake School, and have been benefiting from his counsel ever since.

The theoretical and practical experience gained through the Knowlton School, internships and work experiences has equipped me with the tools to become a well rounded designer.  At Knowlton, we worked to establish a point of view after thorough research and to explore design solutions through many different mediums.  Sketching, creating physical models, text, 2D and 3D computer program renderings and oral presentations helped provide a holistic approach to design, including the essential skill of communicating the design strategy to the target audience.

We focused on the importance of collaboration with fellow designers and other sources of expertise and learned how to work through limitations.  I chose architecture as my field of design study because I believed it offered the broadest and deepest skill set to solve design challenges.  After participating in the Knowlton experience, I do think this work has equipped me with the skills to multi-task and to fully develop an idea from concept to solution using a full array of tools and materials.

I have a passion for all forms of creative expression - drawing, music, photography, fashion, product design, installations, art and architecture – and am seeking a workplace that values these interests.  


James Dayton Design, Minneapolis, MN, US, Architecture Intern

Build Models, Organize material library, Create Drawings for Award submittals, Make Interior Design Presentation Boards, Maintain Office

Jul 2012 - current

Urban Outfitters, Inc. - Anthropologie, Columbus, OH, US, Assistant Visual Display Designer

Installations are one of the most effective artistic expressions to transform the perception of a space and directly affect our sensory experiences. Anthropologie is known for its memorable art works through redefinition of a space by innovative use of materials. The ten-week long internship included many different scales of pieces in which I worked with the Display Coordinator on the designs, development and execution of each work.

Aug 2011 - Dec 2011


The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, US, Bachelors, Architecture

"Today, the double heritage of utilitarian address and cultural mandate plays out in the curricula of the Knowlton School of Architecture. We train young planners, landscape architects, and architects – professionals that are increasingly important in a world marked by scarcity, volatility and interconnectivity. However, the pedagogical legacy of the School is that professional training is necessary but not sufficient to this task. Each of our curricula includes technical subjects that are matched with history and theory classes to underscore the cultural implications of each disciplinary approach.

Design at Knowlton does not decorate an existing world, it proposes new worlds. At the undergraduate level, design shifts a liberal arts education from passive reception to active engagement. Our undergraduates act on what they know....

Clearly, the pressures to address real world situations are increasing. These pressures are economic (from irresponsible lending practices and income inequities), environmental (from resource depletion and population explosion), and political (as economic and environmental pressures destabilize governments). Yet this challenge is not new. It is reflected in our double heritage. On the one hand, there is the utilitarian requirement to respond to pressing demands – the industrial demands of agriculture and mining replaced by the post-industrial demands of agriculture, environment, and health. And, on the other hand, there is the cultural mandate to educate young professionals so that they contribute to our most profound aspirations, and in so doing, have the intellectual agility to address demands that will change as challenges are met and new challenges appear."

-Michael B. Cadwell
Director of the KSA

Two International Study trips completed. A week long trip focused on Barcelona and a summer long tour of Western European architecture.

Also received a Minor in Modern Art History.

Sep 2008 - Jun 2012

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